Purpose - What makes the Dream Exchange different?

Raymond Edwards
Chief Exchange Architect

Stock exchanges have two distinct purposes: the first is allowing a company to gain the financial energy to start or expand operations. This takes the form of selling shares of the company in exchange for finance, money, also known as capital. The second purpose is to provide a location where people can either enter the market by buying shares from a share owner or they can exit the market by selling shares to those entering. 

In a word, a stock exchange is a market.

It transforms the business idea, or the dream, into the capital necessary to actualize that dream. While the concept and existence of stock markets is not new to the world, the purpose is often lost in the complex mechanical aspects.

There are many different “exchanges” that exist today that provide the above services with specific focus on one or more aspects of that service. The New York Stock Exchange creates a regulated place where fair practice can be expected. Participants are registered to the exclusion of non-participants, and rules and regulations are enforced. The American Stock Exchange extended this practice of regulated participants by adding additional products beyond company stock. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange offers a farmer the chance to secure the proceeds from crops and livestock before they yield, to be more assured that planting a crop is worthwhile.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at the Dream Exchange is to look toward those who create and contribute to and form the backbone of society, the entrepreneurs.  

Helping those who initially create ventures will inevitably bring about more jobs and wealth to those involved and their communities. Unfortunately, these have been neglected in the last decades, yet they are among the initiators of society itself.

What sets Dream Exchange apart is our unique position to address this problem with more than just a surface-level solution. Dream Exchange is here to forward the admirable purpose of stock markets in general while correcting the lack of entrepreneurial support for people who lack access working towards a better and more secure society for all.   


We will be the first minority governed and owned company to operate a stock exchange in the history of the United States. In addition, we are championing the creation of a new type of stock exchange called a venture exchange, to list and trade small-to-mid-sized, early-stage company stock. 

While we want more members of society to participate in the wealth-potential opportunities afforded by the markets, at Dream Exchange, our purpose is explicitly tied to the impact of those ideas, where your relative position in society doesn’t obstruct your ability to access finance or impede your ability to participate and enjoy the fruits of your investments. 

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