Apr 19, 2023

Maintaining Security for a Stock Exchange

Tellis Williams
Chief Information Security Officer

CISO Connect Summit

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Dream Exchange, it was an honor for me to attend Security Current’s, CISO’s Connect Summit, held at the Harvard Club of New York. This is an invitation only event, where many of industry leading CISO’s are in attendance. While there, I was able to engage fellow leaders in the Information Security and Risk Management field, in discussions on new developments in the overall threat landscape, new and emerging technologies, as well as best practices on mitigating risks to our perspective organizations.

CISOs Connect Top 100 CISOs (C100) Award

As CISO, I am responsible for both the organization’s Information and Physical Security programs. My core responsibilities are to provide programs and strategies to protect the people, processes, and technologies at Dream Exchange. 

Therefore, with an ever-increasing threat landscape to businesses, providing a secure environment for businesses to operate is of paramount importance. This enables the organization’s security program, staff, and leadership to stay abreast of the latest developments so that it can remain agile in defense of the organization and its customers. Attending Summits and Conferences provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about the latest security trends, hear from specialists in the field, and network with peers.  

As part of the summit, I also had the honor of serving as a shark on the Security Shark Tank. It is modeled after the popular television show Shark Tank. This is an event where security vendors present their tools and services for evaluation by answering questions posed by the members of the Shark Tank in a rapid-fire fashion. Throughout the summit, we had in-depth discussions on topics that included risk management, cryptography, data protection, and cybercrime. I had the privilege of conferring with the likes of David Cass (former CISO IBM Global), current CEO of Security Current and holds several Board positions, and Devon Bryant (the former CISO for the United States Federal Reserve and its 14 branches, including the United States Treasury Department) currently the CIO for Carnival Cruise Lines. 

I am honored for this to have been my 4th time serving as a Security Shark for the Security Shark Tank event. It is always a pleasure for me to see the people I have had the privilege to meet, mentor, and be mentored by over the past 9 years. Even more honored to see those that I have mentored thrive in the security space. As with all industries, networking is a vital aspect of any industry.

Left: Tellis Williams, Dream Exchange – Right: Thomas Maldonado, NFL CISO

It was great to see long time peers and friends from all over the world, including Thomas Maldanado, the CISO for the National Football League (pictured above).  

The lack of minority participation in the public capital markets is something we must take seriously as it speaks to greater issues of inequity and lack of opportunity for wealth creation.  

What sets Dream Exchange apart is our unique position to address this problem with more than just a surface solution, and my job is to maintain the security infrastructure so that more diversity is possible in our public capital markets system

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