We're putting the all in Wall Street.

We believe there is a better way to serve all people using the power of our financial system. By expanding access to a purpose-driven capital market, we are instilling trust, humanity, and fairness into finance.

the problem
The Access Gap in Public Capital Markets.
Since the 1990’s there has been a decline in small-to-mid sized IPOs. Today, small IPOs are nearly extinct and fewer companies have access to public capital markets.
0 %
of exchange listed companies are Minority-owned businesses
0 %
of all jobs within a company are created after the company goes public*
*According to a US Treasury Department Task Force on IPOs

The need for small IPOs.

Without a vibrant listing marketplace, the listing gap between large and small companies available to investors increases. Listing on a stock exchange allows more people to build wealth, to build companies, and to build communities creating living-wage, career-path job opportunities.

Our Solution


Register for our upcoming webinar featuring Dream Exchange Founder and CEO, Joseph Cecala, and Board Director, Dwain Kyles, about how the Main Street Growth act will empower small-to-mid sized businesses with access to capital.

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Becoming a member of the Dream Exchange makes the statement that your organization supports our dream of a more diverse, accessible, and welcoming stock market for people from every sector of society. We are currently opening our doors for licensed broker-dealer firms to explore membership with our exchange in anticipation of our future opening.

Our anthem

The best companies come from every corner of society and start with the license and power to dream. We made “Dream Again” the official anthem of the Dream Exchange to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to find their license to dream and put it to use.